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A New Children's

Book by Philip Correia

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My Story

Philip spent most days of his childhood running, surfing, swimming, and fishing in the warm waters of Hawaii. As a kid, he was the dreamer making up stories and acting out pretend movies.

Every night when he came home from a long day at play, Philip would have dinner, wash up, and at bedtime, his mother would say aloud their family’s good night prayer, The Lord’s Prayer.

Carrying on this tradition with his own children at bedtime, they would always plead with him for another bedtime prayer. With great pleasure, the dreamer and storyteller in him emerged once again.

The Goodnight Prayer is now part of his family tradition and he hopes you will make it yours.

First created over 30 years ago for my children, nieces, and nephews, My Goodnight Prayer has since been shared with their children.
Now available for the first time in paperback so you can share my prayer with your loved ones.
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